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Pooja Shimpi, VP information security officer at Citi Bank

A deficit in cybersecurity skills within the financial services industry prompted Pooja Shimpi to establish the Global Mentorship for Cybersecurity program.

Forty participants worldwide engaged in the program, enabling 20 individuals to gain valuable insights and experiences from seasoned cybersecurity mentors.

Shimpi served as the primary coordinator, contributing to the program’s success in facilitating career opportunities for several individuals in the cybersecurity field and fostering professional growth for others in their cybersecurity careers.

pooja shimpi vp information security officer

Ash Hunt, group head of information security at Sanne Group

Ash Hunt developed and published the UK’s first quantitative framework and actuarial model for information risk. He has also advised on information security and quantitative information risk analysis to FTSE organizations and international governments.

He is an advocate for using analytics and forecasting as key defense mechanisms against the impact of cyber-attack ripple effects that can be triggered by external parties working with organizations.

As these effects are forcing organizations to completely re-engineer perceptions around having a stake in external parties’ security postures, Hunt has introduced a more analytical approach that includes forecasting and exploring where an organization’s greatest vulnerabilities may be.


Lynn Dhom, executive director at Women in Cybersecurity

Lynn Dhom, the Executive Director of Women in Cybersecurity (WICyS), is dedicated to supporting the recruitment, retention, and progression of women in the field of cybersecurity. Her primary focus involves advocating for gender-neutral resume assessment and promoting innovative hiring practices. Dhom encourages organizations to think creatively when hiring, emphasizing the importance of being mindful of their choices in recruitment and employment.

Additionally, Dhom serves on the international judging panel for the IFSEC Global Top Influencers and Fire, contributes to the advisory board for Women in Cybersecurity – Beyond Borders, and holds an inaugural position on the International Information System Security Certification Consortium ((ISC)²) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force.

lynn dhom executive director at women in cybersecurity
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