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A turn-based roguelike RPG game set in a procedural generated fantasy world. Stoneshard Download Free takes us to the troubled land of Aldor. You play the role of a mercenary who one day gets an offer you can't refuse.

Stoneshard Crack Multiplayer is a turn-based croissant with an open procedural generated world in which the game is observed from an isometric view. Ink Stains Games studio is responsible for the game. After creating the warmly welcomed shooter 12 is better than 6, the developers' eyes fell on the RPG genre. Stoneshard non steam crack is inspired by titles such as Darkest Dungeon, Diablo and The Banner Saga.


Aldor is harassed by wars, plagues and the activities of dark cults, the land has become a place of dispute between various powers, searching every span of earth in search of the remains of a powerful artifact. The player takes the role of a mercenary, who at the head of the caravan traverses these inhospitable areas to do the will of the mysterious employer.


One of the most important elements of any RPG is character development; in production from Ink Stains Games it is unhindered. Stoneshard download for free gives us the ability to freely choose skills and equipment. There are no character classes, and items do not require a specific attribute value to create them. Nothing prevents you from traveling the world as a magician or thief using spells. However, there are some limitations of logical nature - for example, a figure dressed in plate armor will be easier to detect than that in leather, and the magician wielding the shield will lose strength.

Our hero is described by a number of statistics that have a direct impact on his actions. The game distinguishes five main attributes: strength, dexterity, perception, intellect and willpower. We improve them by raising the level of the character and putting on the right items. Attributes affect a number of more precise characteristics grouped in 5 categories: combat, magic, survival, other and resistances, which in detail describe the strengths and weaknesses of our character.

Stoneshard's distinguishing feature compared to most other roguelike games or isometric RPGs is the fact that it introduced survival mechanics, somewhat similar in assumptions to those known from Darkest Dungeon. During exploration, we must not only watch out for lurking opponents, we also become more and more hungry and thirsty with each step. Neglecting these needs will result in declines in statistics. Elements of survival are connected not only with the needs of our character, but also with the wounds sustained by her. Our hero can take different types of injuries, and heal each wound differently - we stabilize the broken arm in the splint, while we stop the bleeding with a bandage, and the growing pain will be helped by a mixture or alcohol. An important aspect is also the mood of our hero, who, like in Darkest Dungeon, can have positive and negative effects.

To survive in the inhospitable world of Stoneshard Crack, we'll need a whole range of items - from weapons to medicines. However, it should be emphasized that every element of the equipment is consumed, losing stat bonuses. This problem is solved by repair kits or spare equipment. Our character, however, is not a workhorse. In the inventory there is a relationship known even from the views of the Diablo series: items have their size, and the inventory has limited capacity, so it's not worth to collect everything.

The fight in Stoneshard is turn-based. Each of our actions is one turn, no matter if we decide to open the door, change weapons, collect an item or take a step. However, this only becomes apparent when enemies appear on our horizon, who move alternately with ours. We kill opponents in various ways. We have spells, ranged weapons and melee weapons at our disposal. We and our opponents have special skills at their disposal to help us both passively and offensively.

During the game we have the opportunity to join our caravan companions who will support us. However, they have free will and may even leave if they do not like our actions.

The game does not give us the opportunity to save freely. We can only do it in taverns. In other cases we are dependent on autosave. There is also a permadeath game mode, which in the event of death permanently ends our hero's adventure.

Game modes

Stoneshard Torrent is a single player game

Other information

Stoneshard has a climatic visual setting referring to its style to the production from the 90s.

As with 12 is better than 6, the creators sought help in finalizing Stoneshard on Kickstarter, where they managed to collect more than three times the assumed amount of $ 30,000 (they collected over $ 100,000).


OS                       WINDOWS 7/8/10


MEMORY            2 GB RAM


STORAGE         1 GB HDD




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