Gangstar: New Orleans

Gangstar: New Orleans

Gangstar: New Orleans
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A neat online open-world game where you play as a gangster trying to make a name for himself on the streets of New Orleans

The life of a gangster may not be the safest out there, but one cannot deny that it is a very alluring one, similar to the image of a pirate's life we used to get from the old movies.

We fantasize about gaining fame and power in the criminal underworld and eventually becoming the boss of all bosses at some point, and that's precisely the feeling you will get if you will give Gangstar: New Orleans a try.

An online open world game

You start off in the criminal-ridden streets of New Orleans after the five heads of the criminal underworld have been apprehended by the police.

Now everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie and take the place of the five heads, but only the baddest and the most cunning will prevail in the end.

You are among those that are trying to rise up and make a name for themselves, and you will eventually achieve this through hard (dis)honest work.

The playstyle will feel extremely familiar

One of the game's selling points is the fact that it is online and that it is treated as an open world. Nothing could be more true than that, as there doesn't seem to be any limit to what you can try within the game.

More so, if you have the feeling that you've played this game before, then you aren't mistaken at all, since if you played any Grand Theft Auto game, then you'll realize this is nothing more than a free version of it, with a more cartoonish art style.

From thug to boss in no time

The main line of business within the game is doing missions for your fellow "gangstars". This can mean anything from rescue missions, assassinations, heists, street races and more.

At the end of a mission you will be rewarded based on the time it took you to finish it, and the rewards for beating the best times are quite\ impressive so try to be quick on your feet if you plan on growing fast.

You can do "anything" means you can do "ANYTHING"

You can shoot weapons, hide, duck, place explosives, steal cars and drive them, change your outfit, get arrested by the police and more. Basically everything you could remember doing in GTA you can do in Gangstar: New Orleans.

There are a few features that make this game stand apart from the source of inspiration however, such as the home base construction and management part, or the itemj fusion mechanics you'd see in fantasy RPGs of in battle royales.

Your base, your rules

You are in charge of a base of operations which you can develop and grow using resources you gather from exploring and finishing missions.

Among the buildings you can have are docks where you can store your boats, a garage where you can keep your cars, and armory where you can store weapons and ammo, and more.

Stake your claim on New Orleans

The world is a cruel place, and this fictional version of New Orleans is no better. You will start off as a thug seeking to become the ruler of the city, but only ruthless dedication, cut-throat tactics and ingenuity will allow you to make your dream come true.



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